Journal: Declan Vandross

First Entry

My companions are sleeping. Watch is boring. I’m glad I got First Watch, though. I’ll get to sleep longer. Also, this is the first few hours I’ve had to consider all that has happened to me lately.

After leaving the service of Duke Mornath, I had to leave the city. Not because I was exiled or threatened with incarceration, it was just difficult to wander the streets and hear people calling me “Sergeant”. I hired on to a caravan and ended up in Caer Maevryn. While eating in an inn, a dwarf warrior with a large axe and heavy armor, a halfling in leather with sword and dagger, and an elf wizard read aloud some of the jobs available in town. I offered to join them in ridding a store of a rat infestation.

The dwarf, Fogaban, is a talented warrior! The only thing larger than his axe is his appetite for alcohol. He is clearly a professional mercenary. The halfling, Kithri, seems to have a bit of a greed problem, but Fogaban trusts her (or at least is familiar enough with her ways to know how far and when to trust her). The wizard, Hecate, just seems to be along for the adventure.

At the store, we met a barbarian, Kor, who also seems to be an adventurer. At first, I thought him a mercenary as well, but he has tendencies for heroism that outweigh his desire for pay. A good man beneath his rough exterior. He has issues with magic, even the blessings of the gods, but he works well alongside Hecate and myself. Hecate seems to be developing feelings for the barbarian. I wonder if he will get over his aversion to magic enough to acknowledge her flirting?

They called me a priest, and I’ve never bothered to correct them. They keep handing me the spoils for later distribution. Were they not so honorable in their deeds, perhaps I would not be as inclined to be so honorable, as well. But after fighting alongside them against the rats and their were-rat master and the necromancer Justine and her skeletal minions, seeing how loyal they are to one another and to me, how can I be less faithful to them?

Now, we are off to find an ageless wizard in a tower that must decide if our cause is worth its attention so that we can save a relic that will belong to the next emperor. If we succeed, fame and glory for all, and opportunities to regain lost honors. Either way, fighting with these four is very much like fighting for the Duke and for the men who had enlisted with me.

My watch time ends soon. I think I saw some vegetables that would make a good salad nearby. I will end this entry now.

Second Entry

We reached Cragenmoor, the mage’s tower. The journey wasn’t as rough as I feared. But still, I am angry, disappointed with myself. I let the pretty face and sob story sway my judgement. I actually considered mourning the Elf princess, Annis. But perhaps that she waited to attack the group until my watch had finished… no, I mustn’t make excuses or try to rationalize things. She was a hag in disguise; she would have killed me in my sleep if she’d been able to overpower Fogaban and Hecate. As it is, we defeated her easily, and I made sure this time that she won’t come back, not like that were-rat.

And I was fine with her death, with the death of my fantasy. And now the mage, Talynx, has forced us to take along his ward if we want his help. And she looks very similar to the Annis. I wonder if that was deliberate on Annis’ part, since she seemed to be very familiar with Talynx. But it does make it harder for me to trust this new companion who has been forced upon us. The gods have a strange sense of humor…

Journal: Declan Vandross

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