Kithri (Kit) Tealeaf is a Rogue, whose profession is Cartography


Lightfoot: Naturally Stealthy and adjustment Dex+1

Weapons: Short sword and Dagger

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Kithri (Kit) Tealeaf
stands 3’ tall
40 pounds
hazel eyes
brown wavy hair is often pulled into a ponytail
knows herself to be an average halfling
dresses for comfort in travel and the safekeeping of little treasures

In the past, Kithri’s family traveled throughout the lands providing various services. She has never known a permanent home but family and friends are very important.

She choose the path of a Cartographer. Kit is grateful to those who have helped her hone her skills throughout the years.

She is excited yet feels some uncertainity as she gets to know the new found group, she hopes to be of value to them.


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