Hill Dwarf - Fighter


I am a Hill Dwarf.
As such, I have a resistance against poison and poison damage.
I can see in Low Light, meaning, if no light is within 30 feet of me, I treat dim light in that radius as normal light and darkness in that radius as dim light.

I have Dwarven Stonecunning. This means that while underground, I can estimate my depth and determine how to retrace my path. Pretty much this means I can’t get lost.

As a Dwarf, my Strength allows me to move up to 25 feet at one time, even though I wear heavy armor. However, due to my lack of Dexterity, I have a disadvantage to hide or move silently.

I am a Fighter.
But my style is Defensive. Therefore I am adept at protecting myself and my allies.
This means, if you stand within 5 feet of me, I can shield you in the event you are hit with an attack.

I was in the military and therefore have military rank.
I might be able to use this rank to exert influence over and request gear for temporary use from those who recognize my authority. I can often gain access to friendly military areas where my rank is recognized.

I am not well traveled, so I can only speak, read and write Common and Dwarvish.

I have Skill in the following areas:
Heal – Intimidation – Knowledge of Dungeoneering and Warfare – Survival


I am getting old, even for a Dwarf. 375 years old to be exact.
I am medium in size, standing 4’ 2" and weighing 220 pounds.
I have light brown skin and black eyes.
My hair is gray and I wear it long, hanging below my shoulders. My beard is thick and long, some of which is braided and tied with ribbons acquired from some memorable lasses I have known.

I am a Hill Dwarf.
What this means to most is that my kind dig in the foothills, low mountains, and other rugged lands for gold and gems. The Hill Dwarves avoided much of the destruction and warfare responsible for the collapse of the old Dwarven kingdoms and thus exist in the greatest numbers.

More specifically, I am known for my skill in battle and my ability to withstand physical and magical punishment. I personally am renowned for my hard work and my ability to quaff large quantities of ale.

As a fighter, I am neither reckless nor timid. I measure my attacks or protection with courage and tenacity.

I highly value gold, gems and jewelry but not to the point where ‘something shiny’ will distract me.
Instead I crave such valuables for what they allow me to purchase.

I want the finest in Clothing, Weapons, Ale and Women.
To the point that my favorite quote is “Gold, steel and the bodies of women.”

In fact, my fault is that if I see a naked woman, I will all but lose interest in anything else going on.

I am suspicious of strangers, but I am generous and fiercely loyal to those few who earn my trust.
I get along fine with Gnomes, and passably with most Halflings. There is one Halfling I have met though, who I find myself wanting to protect, even to the point where I have come to care for her.

Give me a tankard of ale, a bonny lass, a good axe, good friends and a formidable enemy . . . and it will be a good day.


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