Taelgar - The Enchanted Lands

Taelgar: The Enchanted Lands Session 6

Session 6 Notes

We begin where the group is gathered near a chest in the corner of the harpy camp. It’s been cleared of a poison dart trap and the lock has been “clicked”.

[Treasure Chest]
Kithri’s eyes open wide seeing the glittering ring. She immediately scooped it up from inside the chest (Its a silver ring with a setting int he form of a stylized shield which holds a gleaming polished agate. If it is magical…she’ll need someone to tell her more about it.)…then pushes the lid back with her other hand, “There are all kinds of things in here …. two bottles … some coin (12 gold, 120 electrum) and a big axe!”

Fog jumped at the axe.

Mialee brought up how even the potions could be cursed. Talynx himself had done so in the past. It gave the group pause and everything was taken to Hecate.

Kor mumbled about all magic being a curse.

Hecate carefully cast her spell to reveal: (revelation and notes)
1. The ax is called the Barathaz’Uzn… a Guardian item with whispered words of warning, specifically designed to slay the undead. Hold on to it because once attuned, it will serve you well. (The ring must also be attuned…and it does NOT stack with any other protection magic. +1 to AC and +1 to saves if you don’t already have magical armor)
2. The ring is made of sliver and polished agate, it is a ring of protection, one that could potentially save your life. The ring must also be attuned…and it does NOT stack with any other protection magic. +1 to AC and +1 to saves if you don’t already have magical armor
3. The health potions are what you thought them to be, healing potions. Sampling the potion produces a brief sense of well-being. Consuming it will lessen the pain of wounds.

After a while, they gather their things together and head south.

[Staying along the South wall]
The density of the twisted trees gives way to the lake shore. The water doesn’t look very safe…but from here you can see ruins rising over the eastern horizon.

Kor makes a warding sign with his hand then points ahead. “The southern gate to hell on Taelgar… I asked Welath to watch my ass. He’ll refuse, but its always good to acknowledge the god of war before you walk into a den of horrors…”

Declan, “Amen, brother. I always ask for all the gods to watch over us. In war, any help is welcome. It’s the gods who grant me my abilities to heal.”

Mailee said, “The gods are totems, not magic. They grant us abilities, and guide us.”

Kor said, “We each have our bliefs. The wolf spirit is a totem, Welath is a god.”

Declan added, "Right, so Kor should consider that when complaining about our “magic”."

Kor replied, “Now you’re asking a bit much.”

Hecate said, “Agreed. Besides, you’ll like the magic I throw you way if you ever decide to warm my furs.”

Kor quickly changed the subject to the inland sea and the gate the group has been seeking.

Declan said, “Well, I was talking about Mialee and my healing abilities, Hecate. Your problem with Kor is your own.”

The conversation of magic dropped when they beheld the gate.

The crumbling gate stands a testament to time’s erosion of this area. Beyond you see buildings and ruined roadways. Cliffs rise up on the sides of the city…as if it try to protect it from age. But as you grow closer to the gate, the feeling of dread rises higher and higher through their bodies. The hair on the back of their necks seems to stand on end the closer you get.

While exploring the library of Talynx, the party managed to come across cartography…so at least they had an idea of where they were headed.

The party agress with Declan’s plan to move to the cliff and stick close to the wall so that we can only be attacked from one side. As they move further into the city, clouds block out all remaining light. Lightning streaks across the sky in reds and oranges, rather than the typical blues and whites expected.

Kit could hear growling sounds. Unseen multiple beasts. The scent of sulpher is much stronger now…and you think you can see red pinpoints of light coming from the edge of the buildings ahead. One of the great beasts bolts out from around a ruined building and charges straight for you.

Just before the hellhound breathed fire upon the group, Hecate said the beast was cute!

And the battle against three horrible hellhounds began…

[Finding the temple]
You carefully continue deeper and deeper into the ruins of Blackmoor. You know the Temple of Maera when you see it though…and its entrance is on the north side of the building. Carvings of storms, beasts, and forests cover the building’s outer walls. Maera is the goddess of nature, storms, and beasts. (It was also said that a high druid, Geddavian, taught Richard Balin what it was to be the Phoenix.)

You immediately feel uneasy upon approaching the temple. It has been corrupted.

Declan Vandross prayerfully holds on to his holy symbol and mutters prayers.

Mialee steps up to the Temple and her fingers trail over the carvings. Soft words were said as she does. “Pray this works.” Mialee slowly walks inside the temple. The holy symbol she wears is held tightly while she says a soft prayer.

Kithri takes out some of her parchment and begins draw what she can of their route quickly.

As the great doors creak open, a waft of stale air rushes out to encircle the ground. Its apparent this place has been closed tight for quite some time. Once inside, they see a worn, frayed rug in the middle of the room leading toward a wooden altar. Once beautiful, the carved figure upon the altar has been defaced and ruined. Beside the altar are three golden urns on one side and a font filled with red liquid on the other. The only apparent exit from here is through the same door where they entered or through a portcullis to the east. The portcullis was closed off. Torches along the walls flare to life as you enter. Rather than the normal fire you’d expect, the light they shed is a green hue.

Declan closed the door. They seemed alone within the temple.

Mialee and Declan headed to the alter while the others held back. Kit worked on her maps about their route. Kor seemed uncomfortable within the temple and with the possibility of seeing the woman for whom the temple was created.

The party’s conversations before bedding down ranged from light chit-chat to trust within the group. Their conversation wound to private agendas, cleansing the alter, possible presence of the goddess and gathering the first piece of the sword. Mialee spoke of our having to go underground. Declan asked for clarity, “Buried alive? Or in a tunnel?”

Mialee’s only clue was in her reply, “Once we find the way, we are to go down and down.”

201 XP
Ring: Hecate
Axe: Fog
Healing potion: Kor
Healing potion: Kit
12 gold + 120 electrum given Declan
End Location: Maera’s Temple, group rested/healed



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