Taelgar - The Enchanted Lands

Taelgar: The Enchanted Lands Session 5

Session 5 Notes

Session 5 – Feb 2, 2013
[no date given]
When last we left our heros, they were sleeping after burying the men who travelled with the princess, Annis.

They awoke the next morning and began their long trek toward the Tower lead by the princess herself. The group felt she was taking them in the correct direction to find the wizard… and for now, that was their only concern.

[In the wee hours of morning…]
The party split the night watch into three parts. Nothing seemed out of place until in the middle of the night, Hecate heard a noise behind Fog. It was the princess. She told Hecate and Fogaban, the two on watch, how she was unable to sleep. Hecate continued to question the princess because something seemed amiss and within a few moments, her skin began to peel and fall from her greusome green Hag body.

Fogaban was frozen in place. His mind intranced by her naked flesh. He was held captive by the sight of her breasts even as they sagged from her form. Hecate began the attack on the Hag. Within moments Fog snapped back to reality, and Kor and Declan all joined in destroying the horrible creature. All the while, Kithra slept – missing the entire battle.

While Fogaban chopped the Hag’s head from her lifeless body, the others went to look for the princess. They thought she had ran for safety when the Hag arrived. It was not until Hectate explained what happened that they gathered together once more. Declan then through the head into the fire and Hectate threw obsidian shards at it to help destroy any change of the creature returning.

The group gathered their things and headed out toward the tower that was barely visible in distance. It was the confirmation they needed.

[After finishing their night’s rest … and dreams of Infinite Motorboating]
Kor fell fast asleep, exahusted, after the fierce battle. When he awoke, Kor tossed his armor aside. The party tried to get him to reconsider but he would not hear it. Finally he said his spirit wolf would protect him.

Later …
A break in the trees revealed the tower Cragenmoor. Spectral forms moved from one side of the road to the other. Hands rised up from the ground, as if clawing out of graves. They didn’t seem to notice our presense until we passed. The forms then followed us toward the grand stairway. It climbed up the cliff wall toward the entrance to Cragenmoor.

Standing before the landing are three spectral guards. The party noticed how cold they felt as they neared the guards who blocked their path. The guards did not seem to understand who we wanted to speak to despite replying the wizard, Talynx Maer. Fogaban even mentioned the Thunderblade. It was then one of the guards left for a few moments. When he returned, he allowed us to continue.

It took over two hours for the group to climb the stairs. Kor, thankfully, carried Kithra more than half the distance. At the top, spectral guardians pulled open the great doors. Only complete darkness waited for them inside. As a group, as if linked by an unseen chain, they entered together.

Once inside the room lit up. Then a voice, as if spoken close to each of us said, “Wait here.” There were couches along one wall but no one moved to sit.

Kit was able to hear haunting winds throughout the hallways. There were moans of undead encircling them. It caused the hair on the back of her neck to rise. She could hear the creaking on the stairway and warned the others that someone was drawing near.

Shortly thereafter, two heavily robed human figures entered. One taller than the other. The tallest of the two spoke in a different language. Declan said something about not knowing someone named Isabell. The party was able to get a glimse of him, a tall drow with white hair; he was the wizard we sought. We were finally face to face with Talynx.

The drow wizard then took us to his study where he had fresh bread, venison, cheest and ale. He gave his word that everything in the room was safe and most of the party began enjoying the hearty meal.

Talynx said the blade was sundered. It was split into three pieces and each piece was taken to a separate tomb. Talynx spoke of keeping each other honest. He then told us he wanted us to do something for him in order to get the information we need to get started. Of course, this came with a stipulation. We were to have his ward accompany us on this task.

Before leaving, Talynx told us we would be safe but only in that room. He also said we should look through his library to learn of Blackmoor and plan on leaving the following day. This gave us plenty of time to research Blackmoor in his library.

Talynx told us little of Blackmoor:
- Enter from its southern-most gate
- The temple we seek is close to the southern-most gate entrance
- It was once the grandest cities in all the realms
- Filled with arcane colleges and temples to all the gods
- The magic was abused and people paid the price
- It was destroyed ages ago by demons who never left

The wizard also said, “The sword hilt is hidden within a defiled altar to Maera. One devoted to the goddess of nature will need to cleanse said altar in order for the hilt to be retrieved.”

We were told very little. Her name is Mialee. She reports to Talynx and Maera. He added that information would be given to us through Mialee. We caught a glimpse of violet eyes from beneath her hood. An apprentice of Talynx. Declan asked “Are you qualified [to cleanse the alter]? Are you a priestess of Maera?” Her only response was “Yes.”

Mialee lifts a hand up and eases back the hood of the cloak. Cascading around her features is golden hair. Pointed ears peak out from benath those silken strands. (She looks like princess Annis … who turned into the Hag) Kit didn’t see Mialee reveal herself or she would have reacted to the likeness.

The topic then changed to Blackmoor. It’s history, layout and maps. Maps of Blackmoor were located on the twenty-fifth aisle, tier 87. However, the maps are incomplete and ancient. The histories of all the cities begin in aisle five. The first four aisles are trapped.

The group agreed to his terms:
- Fulfill his first venture to the ruins of Blackmoor
- Take his apprentice, Mialee, with us

NOTE: Kit rolled a Folklore 23 and then was told we don’t get to learn anything until next week. And so it is written, and so it will be.



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