Taelgar - The Enchanted Lands

Taelgar: The Enchanted Lands Session 4

Session 4 Notes

The date is the Taelada, 14th Gestara, 1642 – 8 AM

Intro: The Shrine of Bahamut rises over the hill as you make your way toward it, edging around the town is the quickest path back to it. Sir Adrian Mornath stands outside as monks tend to the shrine’s grounds.

Sir Adrian was surprised we brought Justine with us. It had been Declan’s quick actions that kept her from dying and gave the group more insight into what was happening. The girl had been given a great deal of information but there were also a lot of unknown parts; including the unnamed leader. Declan advised Sir Adrian of the importance of what Justine said and advised him to gather an army.

Declan and Hecate discussed whether Justine would talk since she would most likely be killed, while Adrian managed to get the girl alone for questioning with the help of two guards. They kept Declan from joining the interrogation. We never saw the girl again but was told if she is allowed to live they will place her in iron cuffs for the rest of her life.

Anita, the gypsy woman we met a few days ago, whistled as she arrived at the shrine. Kithri silently wondered why the gypsy was going to the shrine since she was surprised we were alive. Yet, the gypsy knew we found the purple fabric matched the robes of an acolyte of Astraes’ and that we needed more information about locating the sword, Thunderblade. Anita explained how we must find the sword to stop the feast. Declan asked when the feast was planned; interestingly enough, Anita replied it would not be until the priests of Astraes have the artifact – the sword, Thunderblade.

She also mentioned the prophecy of the Phoenix. “The blade could be used to make the land whole again,” she said. “There are rumors that the Phoenix has risen…and all he must do to remake this land into one Empire again is to claim the Thunderblade.” The Phoenix is marked from birth. Somewhere upon the Phoenix’s body is a tattoo in the shape of the Phoenix Risen from the ashes. Only a mortal hand may wield the Thunderblade. Therefore, the Phoenix has been and ever shall be human.

We were told of a legendary old wizard who knows the location of the sword. The old wizard is very powerful and the founder of many of the mage orders across the land. He lives in the tower known as Cragenmoor. We would have to travel through the Spiritwode, due south, to get to the tower. Within its walls, we would find the wizard Talynx.

Anita told us to give her name (Anita von Batista) when we find him. Since Hecate knew so much about Talynx, even though had not met him, Kithri wonders if Hecate is a member of one of Talynx’s mage orders. Hecate also knew Cragenmoor was finicky about revealing itself. The folklore is that it only appears when there a time of great need. Perhaps he would even share some of his spells with Hecate?

Anita gave us a map to help us find our way. Kithri looked along drawn roads to find Cragenmoor. If the group went east, past the barrows where they found Justine, they could possibly get a boat to cross the river. However, the dwarf spoke up to get the group moving. She knew there was no way he would willing go across the water. Fogaban would no doubt want to avoid crossing the river south, so we headed west and added more than a day to our walk.

There have not been many horses in town since the Torgan’s war on Tamara. To make the day journey from the store in Caer Maevryn to the Spiritwode, we walked from the store to the where the road split then traveled west. We rested near the bridge. Hecate slept on a mound of soft tall grasses. The men spoke up to take watch rotations but there was barely another word uttered.

So now we need to locate Talynx and learn the location of the Phoenix… to make the land whole and save the people!


The date is the Gaellada, 15th Gestara, 1642 – 12 PM

Wisely, Declan and Fog gathered salad so we would not have to break out our rations. Fogaban had checked the bridge twice to make sure it was safe and solid before we crossed.

We traveled even further west to cross another bridge. Still no one asked the dwarf about swimming across the river.


The date is the Gaellada, 15th Gestara, 1642 – 8 PM

Fogaban lead the group to the edge of Spiritwode with the assistance of Declan and Kithri.

Intro to Spiritwode: There is a reason your parents told you to stay far away from the Spiritwode. The forest ahead lies in a foggy surreal silence. There is no breeze and you do not hear typical forest sounds. The path continues well within the wood, but it is overgrown and near ruin. A heaviness seems to set upon you as soon as you set foot into the haunted forest. The hair on the back of your neck seems to stand on end and darkness closes in all around you.

The group prepared themselves for the worse… the worse they could imagine. Within a few hours their trail was virtually gone and they were guiding by skill more than signs of the trail beneath their feet.

A woman’s voice tore through the woods and tore the group from the direction they were traveling. They followed the voice west only to find she was not being beaten severely but was, in fact, what Hacate had figured, Bait. The group rushed right into a waiting flock of Harpies. They nearly killed Kithri and Kor. All dealt great power through their magic and weapons as the priest did his best to keep us alive.

Declan had described the tied woman as irresistible bait. Indeed she was beautiful. She was also a princess, Princess Annis. Her group was there to find a great black stag who only appears every ten years. Her people believed the black stag would take them to a great paradise. However, the paradise the princess sought did not have any buildings … no tower. And it’s a tower the group must find in order to speak with Talynx.

Declan blessed the noble warriors who had arrived with the princess. The men buried them.
Then we rested … hopefully away from the burial site.



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