Taelgar - The Enchanted Lands

Taelgar: The Enchanted Lands Session 10

Session 10 Notes

When we left off you had just made it to the village of Marais d’Tarascon. A strange man followed you from the hut out in the swamp. Everyone once in a while he would state an odd verse of…something…but other than that he came in silence. You arrived during what appears to be a funeral. All of the shops and homes are closed up tight.

Solemn faces gaze at you suspiciously, but no one says a word. The villagers soon return their attention to the priest who stands over a coffin wrapped with heavy chains.

The priest’s booming voice echoes throughout the churchyard. “Friends and family, we mourn the untimely death of Jeremiah dGris,” he laments. “Let us take comfort in the fact that he goes to a better place, and let us pray that his eternal rest is peaceful and without incident. Jeremiah, you will be missed, but you will not be welcome here again. Depart this plane and go to the next world with our blessing.”

The priest continues his liturgy, even though a muffled bang causes him a moment’s pause. The villagers flinch but quickly regain their composure. The bang sounds again from within the coffin. The coffin rocks back and forth, but the priest and the crowd ignore it.

The sound causes the group to be suspicious of whomever occupies the chained coffin as well as the crowd who await their burial.

The priest directs the mule-drawn cart up the hill towards the cemetery. Once in the cemetery, four men remove the coffin from the cart and set it into the ground. The priest seems to lean over and whisper something to the coffin before he stands back up and motions for them to proceed with covering the coffin.

During a conversation with the priest, Luc says, "Luc whispers, “The mother stern of child lifeless found, heralds evil of night a time unbound.” and “In sorcerer the Daegon of house the born, though shall unliving, unlife, life scorn.”

The group also learns from Shaman Brucian, “Luc? He…has lost much of late. He is Luc Tarascon and both of his brothers are beyond him now.”

The priest speaks to the group encouragingly, “There is an inn, back down the road. Warm beds…good food. You do not want to be caught outside at night. Strange happenings are upon us. People…healthy and strong…suddenly dying and rising again.”

Hecate states, “I know we’re going to stay but I have a really bad feeling about this… He points to Luc is probably who we were told to avoid.”

Kor looks up at the sky briefly. “Still looks like its going to rain. Maybe we should at least get a room…and ale.”

Fogaban nods and grins to Kor.

Hecate says, “Just remember the word undead. You two get sloshed and I’m letting them eat you or whatever they do.”

Fogaban says, “There is no such things as … too sloshed.”

Kor says, “Now see, when you say it like that it sounds just as eerie as if it were mixed up still.”

Mialee says, “The house of Daegon, where is it.”

Shaman Brucian comments, “I’m sorry…there is no such house here. Nor is there anyone named Daegon.”

Declan looks at Mialee, “Oh, well when you put it like that, it still makes no sense to me.”

Fogaban says, “I hope it’s not the name of the Inn”

Shaman Brucian replies, “No no, the inn is the Full Moon Inn.”

Kor asks, “Full … moon?”

Mialee, “Then perhaps it is the sorcerer Daegan…”

Shaman Brucian “And that is where I am headed now.”

Luc mutters, “The over shining sky the of light the dead, shall to all turning fail and gutter red.”

Kor says, “That’s just weird.”

The old shaman turns and moves down the path back toward the Full Moon Inn.

Hecate turns to follow along, sighing deeply, her eyes scanning and a sense of dread following in it’s wake.

Mialee tilts her head to the side and looks up at the sky.

While walking, Declan asks of the Shaman Brucian, “So what sort of undead manifestation are you experiencing?”

Shaman Brucian replies, “So far I’ve only experienced zombies…but…still, even zombies are threatening to our small town.”

A fence surrounds the inn, which is a large two-story building with an attached stable. The Full Moon Inn is a gathering spot for many of the villagers at one time or another throughout their busy day. Once inside, you see a large common room with a bar and at least a dozen tables.

The group learns:

:: Shaman Brucian said the zombie problem started a few weeks ago. He said it started slowly than grew to include more and more. When asked how man have been afflicted, Shaman Brucian didn’t want to keep talking.
:: Katha, the serving wench, said, "Over a week ago, Francois, a local fellow, well he fell dead right here in the common room. I was taking a break in the kitchen at the time, resting my weary feet near the ba.ck door. I remember, just before people started hollering in the common room, I got a whiff of some awful odor blowing in from outside. It was kind of like rotten meat-not that we serve any here, mind you-but worse. Luckily, I’ve got quite a strong stomach. In fact, I was just about to go outside to find out what could be causing that odor when the screams began. Then I saw Francois being carted off to be buried. You know, I forgot all about that awful odor until just a few days ago when old Fiora mentioned that she had smelled it, too. I’d lock your door while you’re sleeping if I was you. Everybody in the village does now.” and “Jeremiah was the first to be chained in their coffin”
:: Jerald Bascolm, the innkeep, said he had nothing more to add to Katha’s tale; except, that there doesn’t seem to be any connection between those who are undead/zombie.

Luc has said:
:: Luc speaks, “lnajira fortunes his make will reverse, dooming the dreaded with live to all curse.”
:: Luc says, “Seventh doth suns of son the time rise, to of eternity an to knave the send cries.”
:: Luc mutters, “The over shining sky the of light the dead, shall to all turning fail and gutter red.” Mialee translation: The shining light over the dead fail, turning the sky to gutter red.

Mialee said, “There are a few, extremely powerful undead, that emit that odor … I have heard that the undead seep from the meat used in stews.”

Kor pushes his bowl back.

Kithri winces, presses her hand to her own belly

Declan Vandross spits his stew back into the bowl.

Mialee begins to laugh.

Katha states, “Now, there’s no finer food in all of Marais d’Tarascon!” before spinning about and walking away.

Hecate laughs and takes another bite of her fish.

Kor takes a deep drink from his ale.

Hecate smiles at Mialee, “Oh the beauty of it.”

Fogaban eats the stew before it turns to anything else

Hecate says, “You are a brave dwarf.”

Mialee “This place is cursed.”

The group discussed the pros and cons of helping those in Marais d’Tarascon. When it grew late, the men retired to one room and the women to the other.

The night passes calmly…well, as calmly as could be expected. The next day reveals a gray day. The clouds still hang heavilly over you and you can hear the low rumble of thunder in the distance.

Over breakfast the group decides to speak to Fiona. Fiona’s cottage has been boarded up. The doors and windows are adorned with different plants and symbols…one plant in particular that you can identify easily is garlic. The tale-tell smell hits you full on as you get closer to the cottage.

Fiora whispers for them to go away.

Declan finally talks her into opening the door a little … Fiora opens the door wider and throws a bucket of garlic, hemp, and wolvesbane in water on the group.

Luc says, “Seventh doth suns of son the time rise, to of eternity an to knave the send cries.”

After a few questions, Fiora slammed her door and dragged something heavy to block it.

When Kithri looks for tracks, she saw the constable haunched over what appears to be a dead body. When the group approaches, the constable regards them sternly. Spattered all around him on the ground and walls are flecks of reddish brown. Before him is a large stain of the same substance, apparently dried blood. In the center of the stain is a single piece of bright red licorice. The blood had once belonged to the barmaid.

Suddenly there was a flash of black that disappeared around the corner. Each time you seem to get close, the figure manages to evade you. At some point you lose the trail completely…back near where you had left the constable and dead girl. The constable lies on the ground, bleeding from his head and the girl’s body is gone.

The constable is alive, but he moans loudly when moved. There’s a deep gash on the side of his head, but it looks like it was made from a blunt object. Several more pieces of licorice were left behind in the girl’s blood.

Mialee gathers some bandages from her pack and goes to bandage the constable. She is able to stop the bleeding. The constable seems stable.

Declan says, “Let’s take the constable to the inn and ask there for more information.”

After getting the constable into a warm bed, Shaman Brucian is called for to take care of him. They didn’t speak to the constable thereafter.

From the barkeep, the group found out that Louise owned the Bakery next door. The bakery is a small house just south of the inn (2). A young woman, Louise d’Cann is busily tending to cakes, rolls, and various candies. There are jars on the counter full of different sorts of hard and soft candies, including red licorice.

Through questioning Declan and Fogaban find out that Louise sells her red licorice to many children as well as to two men, Mordu and Jean Tarascon. When asked about seeing Jean recently, she replied, “Not today. But he does come in rather often. Poor Jean…lost his brother to the undead…now he runs the family business. He’s likely at the plantation…or perhaps the townhouse here in Marais d’Tarascon.”

Declan asked “Does he normally wear black robes?”

Louise replied “Not normally…though he could if he wanted. He is still mourning Marcel’s loss…”

Declan asked “Who is Mordu?”

Louise answered “Mordu….he would be the village eccentric. He lives alone in a small cotage.” (Near Bakery)

(Group stopped for the week after leaving the bakery)



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